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40 Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 29 - 38
Home type:
44 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 45
Home type:
I am a traditional Chinese lady,well-educated, work in an European multinational company in Shanghai. I like peaceful simple life.Rreading classical novels,listenning to the music, dancing or doing Yoga in home are my habbits.I like cooking and knitting sweaters for family ^_^ I am a homesick person with warm heart, loyal loving and caring,thoughtul... I am quite fond of children, like to play with them, watch cartoon movies or go outside and draw with him.The best time every day is that moment I read him some stories and see him going sleep with smile on his lovely face at night, that really makes me pleased. Every time I cook food for him, and dance with him, he always says "Mom, you are the best"^_^ I spend some spare time in improving my work ability, though my major is financing and accounting, my current work involves industry installation engineering. I don't want to keep my brain lazy and stupid so I always learn and learn difficult and interesting knowledge. I am not afraid challenges because I always believe that my diligence can help me to get over it. I have been alone for years, becuase I believe a right person doesn't come easily, a real sincere affaction doesn't come easily. So I didn't look for those, I spent time in healing the pain in heart which the first marrige caused. I used to feel frustrated but now I am not living in the past, I still know what a woman's dedication and devotion mean to a marriage, and what the freedom means to a man. I am not interested in playing games ,so please don't come to me and mess me.
41 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 55
Home type:
I'm actually a sincere, friendly, easy-going person who is easy to talk to and I like to laugh, It's Funny that I live in Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city in China I'm looking for my lifelong Partner with a sincere heart, And my direction is very clear, which means that when I decide to do Sometimes, I give 100% of my effort to be successful, and I am giving 100% of my effort to my close Over, my happy marriage. I am looking for a kind, honor, family-oriented man. I have a 6-year-old Son, and I'm prety sure he's underage, and I have to raise him if you have kids too, great, My son Has a brother or sister, and they will be the best family. I'm sure I'm fertile Besides, my genes Arenn't that bad. If you have a plan to have a beautiful baby, it would be the biggest surprise for Me, Because I love beautiful, admirable, bearable, half-breed babies. I love to travel, rarely travel alone Sometimes with my parents or my son.To be honored, I would much rather travel with my close loved Ones in every corner of the world, I have been to Hungary, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan. The place I want to go most is the sea of love of Ma Erfu. With my close lover, I like The fashion of Europe and America and the natural scenery of the countryside. When I'm not working Or traveling, I like to make tea at home, cook food, dress up the room, and I also like hugging my Partner very much. I am engaged in a healthy diet, zero hormones, zero antibiotics and zero Pesticides on the table. I love it. It not only brings me a good income, What's more important is The value of my existence. My hands-on ability and creativity will definitely amaze you. Although my Family is well-off, I don't depend on others or even my parents, even if I am rich enough to make me A flower in the greenhouse. I have the gentleness and delicacy of a woman, and I'm good at finding Details, and it makes people around me feel so tweet that they think I'm always able to think and Take care of them from their point of view. In fact, deep down, I have a little girl living in my Heart, I long for a muscular and sexy chest to lean on, a pair of warming eyes looking at me Affected, I long for my forehead. Lip. Many parts of my body have the lies of my close cover. I was born and raised in the city and finished my college course in Singapore, so I really Appreciate the combination of the two ways of life between China and the West, I agree with Traditional Chinese values, but I prefer the sincere expression of Western feelings and the openness Of sexual desire, Let me be more sure that western men are more suitable for me. I refuse to Receive nude photos or naked conversations before i marry someone i'm not entirely sure of. I'm a. Pragmatic person, This means I'm not a dreamer, I don't spend much time thinking about the Impracticable, and I have a romantic gene, and I like to be intimate and cared with my partner



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