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40 Foshan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 54
Thank you for reading my profile. If we start to send messages to each other, please prepare for Real-time video chat as soon as possible, otherwise I will terminate the communication with you. I. Need to make sure that you and the photo are the same person. I am Helen, a woman who does not need To rely on gorgeous clothes and heavy makeup to express her kindness. I am just an ordinary woman Who long to love and be loved. 1. I come from an ordinary and traditional worker's family, and my Old father who is elementary, steady, optimistic and wise has a great influence on me. Honesty, loyalty And dedication are important to me, not just words, they are my way of life. My family is very Important to me, and your family is also very important to me. We must work together to promote each Other and build a relationship. I believe that communication is very important to any successful Relationship. We need to always understand each other's feelings and positions, respect and support Each other. 2. I have a petite and weak appearance, an open-minded and strong personality, a girl Who is easy to get along with. I think that to run a happy and long-lasting international marriage Appearance, money and children are not the strongest bonds, but need to grow together in spirit. We Need patience and mature thinking to overcome the cultural differences between the two sides and Cherish them. And appreciate the advantages and complementarities between the two. The road is very Long in the future. I will accompany you. When life brings us challenges, we will work hard to Overcome them. When we cannot, we will comfort each other. Do you like such a girl like me? I don't need a Sugar Dad. I run a small education and training organization, and the impact of The virus in 2020 has caused a bit of business damage.please don't think that I am strong. I feel That doing what I am passionate about, having plans and steps, and reflecting my self-worth is a Very happy thing. If I find my beloved partner, you may be my biggest passion. 4. I have always been Simple in my life, I am not good at dealing with complicated interpersonal relationships, and will Not hypocritical socialize. I also hope that you are a sincere person, two people together, simple And pure, and happen. I am a lover of family. As the eldest daughter of the family, I have learned to Cook delicious meals, clean up and decorate the house (I hate floppy). In taking care of myself, I like to read books, listen to music, travel, yoga, golf , Table tennis, still full of curiosity and spirit of exploration for the unknown world. 5. The life I Long for: I want to spend most of my time with you, get up with you every morning, share breakfast, and start A beautiful day. Organize the garden and plant some flowers, fruits and vegetables. I am also very Happy to cook dinner with you, treat myself with delicate food, drink a glass of wine and listen to Lyrical music. Organize the garden together on weekends, plant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Our Life itself is a happy thing. I want to do 100 kisses and hugs with you every day, do you dare to Challenge? I like nature and hope to have more space under the open sky. I have traveled to France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. During my travels, Westerners’ love of life, passion, family value, and Sincere expression of emotions made me more sure that Western men are more suitable for me. If you Ask me, where do I most want to go after being with you? Your hometown is the place where you were born and grew up. Let's go with you to find the happiness Of childhood. If you ask me, what dreams are there in my heart? Let us go to Norway to watch the Northern Lights together. You kiss my forehead and say, "Helen," Listen, the godess Aurora is blessing us, and let this rare but shining Northern Lights witness our Mutual happiness agreement."
miss bookworm
41 Foshan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 31 - 58
I am a bookworm.I am interested in reading and writing a book.I started to read when I was only five years old. Since then, I have had a habit to read books whenever I have spare time. At home, I have two bookshelves full of books. There are also books on my desk and even on the floor.And thousands of ebooks on my laptop. I can say my room is a room of book, and I am a little ‘worm’ sitting inside it. I Really reading began with my father. He brought me and taught me unusual things:well,he told me that he was sure about there are aliens in the world. So I like reading in order to discover the world as more as possible. Reading books is just like traveling in a sea of knowledge. Every time when I read a book, I am always fascinated by the interesting stories and knowledge in it. For example, from books,I met God,from books,I improve my english,from books I also learned more about the western culture. I enjoy being a bookworm.The feeling just like a quote comes from the movie You’ve Got Mail, of all places: “When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.” Because really, it’s true. All those moments, they shaped our imagination, our expectations. They shaped us. I like many kinds of books, including selp-help,Literature,Fiction,culture ,Social Sciences,Cookbooks,health, Technology and so on. My favorite book is Gone with the wind.It tells me we have to be strong in hard time in life. Find and appreciate someone who loves you for who you really are. Therefore, this book is one of the best book for woman that I have read. I am not only enjoy reading, but also enjoy writing, and I often share them with other people on my blogg. I’ve just written a lot of single articles which is about the eastern and the western culture, and I would like to share more of it day by day.
66 Foshan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 66 - 78
Hi, I'm ADA. I'm from Mianyang, China. It's a comfortable city with birds and flowers, It nourishes Me with a very good personality. I am gentle and charitable. God has given me a gift. I have a Sensible and beautiful daughter, a handsome and capable son-in-law and a grand daughter. We get along Very well together. They are almost my world. I live with them in Foshan, Guangdong Province. I was Well educated and had an excellent career, which made me loved by my family and friends; Years did not leave a mark on me, I still maintain a nice figure, a pair of black charing big eyes, One head With long black hair and a happy smile on my face, a good-looking movie and funny Greetings will make me very happy. I sing like a lark and let the children grow up in singing and Laughing. I like a room like a sea of officers. Cooking is my favorite. Sharing delicious food With my family is my happiest thing. Jogging and media Yoga in the morning light, outdoor Travel with my family have become the norm in my life. I have traveled all over China. The Mountains and rivers of the country, some countries in Southeast Asia, the United States and Canada Have left my footprints, haha, I am very lucky, I have a 10-year tourist visa for the United States And Canada. I often like to be the focus of the lens. I often encounter my longings with a cup of Coffee in a lazy afternoon, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, the musical feast at the Sydney Opera House, the Aegean Sea in Greece, and the breath taking beautiful Okinawa Beach The church wedding Is really wonderful, I am here, are you ready?
53 Foshan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 53
27 Foshan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 20 - 31



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