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Sophie Vivianzhang
31 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 32 - 57
55 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 62
35 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 50
51 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 61
Hello, I'm Daisy. I've worked and lived in Beijing for many years. I have feelings similar to my hometown for this city. I'm from Guizhou. I also have the cheerful, lively, warm and friendly personality of local people there. It's easy for me to get along well with new friends. On a business trip in Yandang Mountain last year, I overheard the staff at the reception said that there are many varieties of sweet scented osmanthus and they are delicious. I didn't take it seriously. A month ago, surprisingly, I received two cans of golden osmanthus sent from Yandang Mountain. I was deeply moved by this simple and sincere friendship. Compared with the delicious sweet scented osmanthus itself, this intention is the food that really nourishes the heart, which has made me feel that the world and life are beautiful. As far as I'm concerned, I'm an interesting person. I'm often hit by new ideas in my mind. If someone is willing to realize them with me, mostly, it will be a happy and unforgettable experience. Most of the time, I am an emotionally stable person. Occasionally, when I am down, I will find ways to solve the problem and complete self-regulation. In life, I always maintain a sense of calmness and empathy for people and things, know how to take care of each other with the other party, get along well with people, and keep a positive attitude towards changes. On the other hand, I also see some of my shortcomings. For example, I need to be more confident and clear in expressing my ideas and wishes. And I expect you could be the one who will help me grow and improve. In the next relationship, not only do I look forward to romance, surprise and a sense of ceremony, but I also look forward to two of us trusting and caring for each other, helping each other and living a simple life. I understand that a lasting relationship is not only about the passion between the two, but also the responsibility. I hope to get your understanding and comfort when I express my occasional vulnerability or expect your patience and consideration. When I make a decision to make our life better, I also hope to get your encouragement and support. During the time we are together, I hope we can be the one and only for each other and have a sense of security in the relationship. Hope you, like me, have a healthy attitude towards life, an open mind and tolerance. Even if we are not in the same city or even the same country, we are willing to accept the distance temporarily. We believe in each other, make plans and work together to be closer and finally get together in the real world. After work, I hope to meet you outside the company, we hug each other and drive away merrily, go back to our sweet home or drive to a place we intend to go to; If I return home late from a business trip, I hope there is a light on at home, hot food and your concerned greetings; During the quarantine, I hope we can chat, keep warm together and no longer feel lonely; More often, I hope there is a person with me. We can be ourselves while being with each other, express and share freely, communicate and interact, have a tacit understanding of cooperation. Sometimes we argue like other couples, yet more times we support each other, and feel melted in love.



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