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36 Xiamen, Fujian, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
The woman, the living, given the genetic history may also want to live in a long time ... a typical Chinese woman, Luke was riding on the heat sink and rescue love ... height 162 CM, not fat not thin, at this point, observe the Confucius his elderly, middle-of-the-road. Appearance is photos, and the photo is still operational, and that people are dynamic, so that it looks right to me. personality is quite good, generous, and cheerful, optimistic. They have their own principles, did not violate my principles are all good. Love said: love, laugh, and sometimes very sensitive, love tears. Faced with the awkward awkward. Don't like arrogant people, love of the people, not the good and interesting people. Love listening to music, and as long as it sounds good, it is not objectionable. love to travel and enjoy the kind of infiltration of the tourist, like shut the door of a hotter, like to hear the "you will go to ... " It was a drift of the feeling that it was a move toward destinations close to the expectations ... like movies, especially funny, fanciful. As for cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine Jiangsu cuisine, Northwest pasta fresh seafood, and Tiramisu to Chung, Stephen iron cappuccino Longjing, screw and spring iron goddess tea demand everywhere, HA HA HA ^ ^the world is so big, every cuisine, and would like to, feel that people did not live in hope. The pleasure of life in all kinds of small things small details. Similarly, it was to be a great, it was dust was devastated. Therefore, I hope that you do not show your salary real estate, but you what kind of personality attitude had a kind of life. I am very gentle, and I also love meek. Gentle so that the world is not so terrible.
28 Xiamen, Fujian, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 32
I am Lin, optimistic, and like animals, like outdoor sports and adventure, like make friends, and a passion for sports, and love to read the book I want to be able to know more friends, no matter from which country, I will be in the best of faith, and would like to know you will be able to give our acquaintance with more fun! Me too optimistic, and, like the small animal, like sports and outdoor adventure, like to make friends, have a passion for sports, but love I read a book and hope to know more friends, no matter from which country, I will meet you in the most sincere wish that our acquaintanceship attitude can bring each other more happy! Private long-term protection of Yuen Long cluster services, and some people with small components, called animal services, I suggest that good protection, housing, health services, and campaign workers better hope Powered-On probe, and a good friend I suggest that motor workers in Denmark, and hope to start running to no heat, love-inspired 読 shortly in Joshua and private protection, more budget-friendly motor amp; Culture known in engineering services, long-term protection of construction workers in Mauritius I suggest looking at long-term, no talking, the job itself and the services cluster how satisfied were you with cluster and you should be able to private and fill out his heart to be able to confirm that the configuration is over long-term and long-term prime minister Yitzhak Rabin proved aware Mauritius Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and privacy protection at the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin called Mauritius fill out the job itself, long-term private gossip magazines in Asia Pacific Internet protection that you fill out 楽 solve!
46 Xiamen, Fujian, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 45
Age, the greater the experience, the more the more difficult it is to the Liao Liao several words to sum up their own, many times it may not be aware of their own. To this day I still can be sure that the character, I am in the two features are good and simple, and this is, perhaps, or perhaps it is a drawback. I am a full-time mother, there is a also a daughter in kindergarten; my life is very simple to care for their children, household chores, and read a book a day, to go to yoga classes, are available to try to do some of the new cuisine; I do not style, dress plain, facing the day of mercy, and more and more of the hair growth on the top of the head and it is never arbitrary hair; I am very good, with a small sub, you will need a good at listening to the men of understanding and tolerance, and to be able to give me emotional buffer. I believe in love at first sight, but also spoken are not mutually exclusive health and love, no matter what feelings, emotions, and I have a choice of a marriage is the most important factor. I like you have a relaxed attitude toward life will be short, broad minded and generous men of the lowly stable and healthy living. I do not want to get married, and that in marriage, and only look forward in having 10 million, 10 million years that I was among my people, and the insipid, and then in the years old, a white top that is. Due to the luscious plain, have the experience of living in a very real sense, it is expected that one will be able to attain enlightenment in the afternoon sunshine, I share the sense of the story, you know.



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