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39 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 50
  I May, was born in 1982, city, Inner Baotou Mongolia (North), I China ' part of 1.60 meter high M I . Xi finished my undergraduate course in an ' City Now I . From 2000 to 2004 m ' owned national working in a construction company as a contract management officer I . ' m looking for my Mr Right . Who loves me with whole heart and soul and dreaming of a very simple and natural, stable family life My . Is a very common and natural family, both my parents with famers are a very generous and kind and easy-going personality, I have a little brother who is now working in a national institution, and has owned his own family For . I do myself, but do not want a marriage life want children at present (maybe several years later, that depends, which is not accepted by most men I guess, ha, which is the biggest reason why I ' m still single personality: straightness My . Now, tender, thoughtful, and easy-going, sensitive, caring and full of kindness, and generally a good-hearted girl And I . ' m also a person with thoughts; I hate to make simple things complicated I . After work, like reading books, watching movies and playing game Pingpang accept I . meals with each kind of meal, and in particular light taste and Western-style food and fast food I . love black chocolate with high content, coco I I . love walking or prefer to stay home and go out doing some housework to make my room like I . very tidy and Clear I . but do not smoke, drink, and sometimes only red wine Generally I ' m . not a party girl, but sometimes I would like to go to bar with my friends for fun, or chatting over a cup of coffee.I usually like to arrange a travail every year to some place alone. ' That s basically me! hope we can know more about each other , and life history: grow . 1982 born in inner mongolia baotou, Taurus, typical 80 after 4 years, the University in Xi'an, a very memorable one. In 2004 after graduating from the first 3 years work in Guangdong, Taiwan companies in the United States and worked in 2007 because it must be the reasons for his inaugural in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, a state-owned construction enterprise mobility to Company 2011 in Zhuhai of one item (item 2006/4 around 2 years) and is principally engaged in business. Because of work and environmental causes have been single. I hope that you are my Mr Right . My husband, on the family: parents in which all farmers was born in Baotou, not well off, and life in general, there is a small family, his two-year-old brother was married, working, and living in Ordos. Parents who are both very kind-hearted, honest, kind, warm, and opened its own things, and for those who have never been very supportive, so their lives in comparison, since there has been little burden. I am not a high standard, and this can be regarded as a tall bar (I feel I will focus on some, haha), isn't it (but not let viewers have high myopia), but at least a coworker. I believe that your friends will like me. character of the girls with the North and dry, and Nanjing girls has been the gentle, Darkie, sometimes the, sometimes very quiet, and sometimes also pays temper. People are very simple, very sincere, and never do a complex matter, emphasizing communication, thinking, there is a thing about the place on the desktop, and do not like hidden and does not like children playing unbelievers detest, deception, a little bit cynical. He likes to watch movies, drama, documentary, romance, horror, like the least content, and don't be afraid, and also waste of time. The likes of high cocoa content dark chocolate. Like with the smell of them slipped away with street, shopping, and find some interesting places, otherwise would prefer a personal. It is no sense of direction. Filial piety, love them. In short, a good man and a sentimental man! The other half expectations: good-hearted, honest and reliable, and have a sense of security, responsibility, concern, appreciate considerate partner, there is one character significantly better than the heart, which must be inclusive. There is a certain economic base. hope that the other Party believe in love, love makes choices. "A son, and the son of elderly parents." This is my friend regularly sent to marry the one sentence in the future, I hope that we are doing. Like most Jeff Chang's "belief" have made their own rhetoric intentions, if anyone can sing to me, I will immediately immediately do not hesitate to marry him, haha, silly! take Russell, 3 in my life is simple and extremely strong passions, and that is love, the desire for knowledge, as well as depths of human suffering and withdraw the mercy. . . In this film is no longer blue is no longer clean sky, if there is a pair of eyes to weep with me, then, life is worth the suffering! All the natural way! I believe that fate! Finally, it is important not to cause nuisance to non-good faith!
49 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 58
54 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 75
Dear friends, my basic principles of being a person and making friends are "benevolence, Righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and trust " , and I hope you do too! I am not perfect, but I am pursuing the perfection of morality, intelligence, physics, beauty And labor. I never forget to improve myself. I can swiftly tell you that I am an excellent Intellectual woman. I am willing to identify with and abide by the Chinese virtues, like-minded, and Equally excellent you Get married! Join hands in the future, fly together! May our society have more love, more integrity, less cooling and deceit, and that is the harmonious Society we expect! [Love motto] Love ~ is the spiritual food based on noble morals, love ~ is mutual selfflow Dedication, love him / her ~ including his shortcomings, love has everything! If you are the person I admire and recognize ~ the Prince Charming in my mind, I will be willing to Build a stable and harmonious, romantic and arm, shared happiness, deep love for each other, and Eternal love nest with you! Commitment: Love you fore, loyalty, and even dedicated my life for you! [Self-introduction] Civil servant type: Both moral, intellectual, physical, artistic, pragmatic, responsible, loyal, calm, and paying Attention to rules! 1 Mature beauty - mature and plump, full of femininity, full of soft feminine charm, an Intellectual professional woman with both classic and modern; Moral beauty - benevolent and charitable , loving and filial , honest and frank, unselfish, like Not to fight Hegemonic harmonious marriage; Wisdom- intellectual rationale, wise and avant-garde, Confucian mind, quick thinking Persuasion, civil servants have qualities; 4 , good wife type - love their husbands and families, the elderly filial both sides, the only Family , understand health , on the living room , Get down to the kitchen; 5 , noble type - straightforward and bold, never secular strong women, and never narrow and selfish Little women, soft outside, strong inside, smart outside;



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