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56 Guilin, Guangxi, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 55
I love literature and movement of university teachers. In looking for my other half. That way, I love food. Fortunately ---- what to eat or not to eat fat. This is one of the most envious colleagues and friends, I am also very proud! I have been to many historic sites ---- but remember most is always the local cuisine! As you can see, not the general is delicious! Since the primary three children, divorce. Originally I hated primary three children, now feel that a person living in a pluralistic society, and focus on their own is OK. Son University (from the earliest age to learn piano, sports expertise, claiming to be the sunshine KID), will leave me a fly. A few years through self-healing ------- In the past, Everything Follows the Wind. Failed to get out of the shadow of marriage to a peaceful attitude toward life in the past, it gave me an opportunity to choose love and rights. I believe that the earth's own true love! The vast sea, the people I he was going somewhere are to find me. Friends of my evaluation is moving + quiet, emotional and rational, the South and the north, the friends of the adhesive. Well, I like old friends, old songs, home, or even an old house --- old clothes. I would like small children to smell petrol smell, mother said, they will certainly be a very distant. Indeed, in the north-east - Shandong - GUILIN, out-of-home gradually fade away from the line. My language and mathematics is very good in high school, I was full of college entrance examination in language and mathematics First Name (remember most clearly, the rare brilliant!). My work is dedicated to the work of the woman is beautiful----my "dictum" (I have a lot of "dictum", slowly tell you later). I 爱 and family members, friends and colleagues in the unit, leading to my testimony (as long as something happens at home, I will leave, even if it is important work, and, in the thought that the job is a job, not all that work lost, you can find; if the relatives, friends,,,? ! ) , Such as the man, I --- he is the key step in 匀, such as flying (hiking, jogging, walking fast, is my daily exercise); physical health (expert medical examination every year I have been affected by the recognition of the medical examination table as evidence); skin smooth and detailed (just to Guilin, the pores, sweat-wicking performance is poor, even the head is full of 痱 sub----The skin down to the sweat have not come---嘿, you would say that ----, 歪 Bar,,, ---- I have a lot of 歪, will work with you to annex more Road,,,). Beautiful facial features --- look at the picture, not the king lady in Antigua? I am an educated lady. I enjoy reading, cooking,dining out, movies, music, and traveling. I take care of myself through exercise.



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