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47 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 31 - 52
In the same boat repair a hundred years to a total of the Millennium warranty pillow sleep. You and I have been through 40 years of trekking and end Yu 积 Dian, sweet met. When I 们 mutual tender fuser 视, happiness Profit World, I met the lives of 们 will restart at this point. Treasure this life of grace, the 爱 let all of the 变 became the Hong Kong 湾 欢 乐, the source of happiness. 历 岁, been sunk Haidian, remain a plain 净 颗 heart in my mind the deep processing with a regal grace of the 爱 Hua 园, there is only one of the 亲 爱 you switch on. 虽 so you had so far-顾 坚 却, I have been given to be you stand. It is only if you spend 园 from these trusted and revered Master; one hundred mend cultivate crossing, but one thousand to mend altogether pillow sleep you and me after forty years of travel and accumulation, finally met the sweet. when we affectionate stare at each other, happiness world, our life will be on at the moment to set sail. cherish the grace of life with all my love lets the home become happy harbor, the source of happiness. after years of precipitation, still maintained a pure heart, in my heart most deep place, there is a garden, filled with love for the dearest you open. although you never visit so far, I have been waiting for you firmly. only you are in the garden by trust, daily master; revered in small 鸟 Yuen go sing The 鸣 睁 in a two eyes that gazed with 视 soulful and laughing, easily soft-声 access while the "Good Morning," 亲 爱, Thanksgiving life i Welcome to the day. In the evening daily 结 harness the day, I 们 and children from all angles back to the 们 of 爱 顷 lair, home of the burn time 变 became the 爱, The Hong Kong 温 Xin 湾. Holidays, you took me by the hand to explore This short article world, I 爱 们 will remain in the shadow of the Pounding surf coast 边, remain in the hubbub of the city street corner 嚣, stay in the empty 辽 阔 旷 on the prairie, remain in mountain valley, 风 峡 Qing 镇 small. . . In birds singing euphemistic every day gaze, opened his eyes, affectionate smile at one another, gently a salute, "good morning, dear," gratitude and usher in a new day life. every evening, the end of the day's work, and children from all sides to return to our nest, love immediately into the ocean of love in the home, harbor. warm during the holidays, you took my hand to explore the world, we love figure in waves off the coast of slapping, stay in the hustle and bustle of city street corner, in the vast open steppe, stay in the alpine , valleys, 岁, town... 悠 们 I 爱 sang-soo. I 阳 precarious, and to walk; 风 rain, I 们 a total of 伞 backup; this any time while you are always firmly hold firmly to the 牵 let my hand and I believe that day long long 愿, I intended and you grasp this Seng 爱 rose, from people time to go to heaven. Years may wrinkle the, we love each other together. The sunset, I walk with you, wind and rain, we had hold an umbrella; this life any time you firmly hold my hand let me believe everlasting, I would like to hold this life together with you the rose of love, from earth to heaven. i want to use the 爱 to fully meet every day 爱-领, let you traverse the stars and I met day and night in the early morning~~, 阳-洒 make any Windows users, the shredding of the 花 铺 pad surface with sweet milk, coffee, 烤, omelet, also have the 爱's sweet kiss, the owner's manual for the warm embrace… fields, 阳 light, micro-风 Sheng 鲜, flowers, grass green switch Yan Yan, children, 们 欢 laugh at men and master left hand, Right Hand 搂 One share One, mistress in the 边 ironing, the smile looked at his 们... let me raise header static static looked at you, 风 儿 easily Sophie, STROKING 庞 via your 脸 脸, happiness to you my permeated... on the 怀 搂, let me to thy unable 穷 with power! The crying can laugh can automatically sense is the most flexible software heart 灵. You want to be the heart of a woman to cherish and 爱 oh maintenance? It is a none for the 爱, 灵 is worth the heart of allow. Please open your hearts open, tired drunken down 温 Sophie 乡 听, I easily easily to Van Gogh singing. 见 I see you, I want to use the 爱 to warm your heart 温 灵 阳, as too light to melt icy 冻 earth. I want to unlock your harness 缚-领, You 见 glanced at your own content heart, let you see 见 people time to spend may wish to ensure that 锦, processing is fully met with the 爱 悦-Hi ... if you believe that people have time to really 爱, please remove platform time via the use of headers to 脑, to full 宁 static and pine, you will understand that I have a 颗 们 Single Plain heart, looking forward to This short article on the world another 灵 洁 净 颗 Ear Voice of the soul. The Ching 风 飞 鸟, natural waves, 万 and not all in the wonderful 听 automatically by Song 赞 声 mei Creator? I also want to use the same as Song 赞 声 mei you want you really^^ 诚, kind, w fault, for 爱 full heart, a 颗 Sophie software and merciful heart 灵. My mystery 园 from filling the sweet and 欢 乐 fruit you sure you and take you to the 儿, 儿 鸟 Are You Singing the same as Hope you can also enjoy this is 乐 Yu 爱 filling 觉 sensing, and I enter the deep feelings as these world!



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