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45 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
I'm a beautiful , romantic lady, Love China traditional culture, very honor, caring, reliable Love, Understanding, easygoing and very hard working. I want to meet a man who wants real love and care. You will never regret having me as your love. Photographs of me all is true, we chat is gl_566 Can we find each other Find someone who can walk side by side in the rain and rain, and walk your life together, and be uneasy. I belong to a relatively traditional, conservative, and very simple kind of emotional experience, moderate and modest, but not too cheerful. It is not introverted, but it is desirable to be quiet in character. Be gentle and considerate, be honest and do some housework. And the skills are constantly improving. Like the old father, like practicing calligraphy, like watching stamps, and singing, like reading a few miscellaneous books, a set of "the World's 5,000 years" is flipped over and over, and the ancient Egypt, Rome, The stories of Greece and Babylon fascinated me, and later the stories of the Bible also fascinated me. In primary schools, girls like to buy the stars of Hong Kong Taiwan to attach to the stationery box at the door of the school in the first three days. My interest is to put together a research word card name and their eggeminy rhythm with the other three like-minded girls in the same class. Unfortunately, it's getting less and less pruned by the common trivia, and perhaps the mood is not so clear. The stamps are still being collected, and the singers are still singing, history, East-East, like poems, has had little time and effort to delve. Now enjoy walking and climbing and singing when you are free. After years of baptism, the young Hubei girl had faded a little bit of virgness, but still had some purity. Because we know the truth and feelings are rare, we understand them, we cherish them, and we are happy to pay them. Several photos here are life photos. I hope you do not smoke, you do not have children, and you have similar world views and values. You are sincere, kind, understanding, temper, easygoing, and warm, mature, stable, honest, and responsible, I like the feeling of warming up after contact, and I like the timely, frank, and effective communication of each other's ideas. Maybe you just need to use a flash point to get me in touch. If you have the chance to travel with you during your life trip, you won't be afraid of snow or thunderstorms, or of the yellow sand. Three or four generations of people were teachers, living alone, and a sister and brother had already established their own family. Other things, if you have anything else to ask, let me tell you in the future. And: I'm a new member, and I've seen a lot of success stories here, and those success stories are just two words: Seriously. The Internet gives you many opportunities for me, but the flowers are becoming more and more attractive. The true meaning of the origin is by no means a sight to see, an ape to Eva, or a choice among all the great things. Knowing a person still needs attention. Want to find someone you can rely on. Don't smoke, with no children, world view values are similar. The sinnerity doctrine, understand Treasure, easygoing, matter, angle steadfast to have the sense of responsibility you, also can be In before me show childish side, I like to contact after gradually warming feelings, like each other Ideas can timely, frank and communicate effectively. In fact you may need to use a light can impress Me. If decree by destiny in life and you go hand in hand, and don't be afraid of lighting in the Wind and snow, also not afraid long stretchers
34 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 38
40 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 35
33 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 38
36 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 40
30 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 18 - 23
33 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 38
31 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 24 - 35
51 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 57
30 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 31
35 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 40
39 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
22 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 19 - 34
33 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 43
29 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 22 - 33
35 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 40
32 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 35
42 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: 34 - 48
28 Shiyan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 31



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