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35 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 35
It has been just 28 birthday, and suddenly felt older, the old adage that the discussions on marriages marriage age. Until that time he did not care about this hair, this year has been put on the agenda. One of the cities in darkness, in the sea, and age appropriate, personality fit, background conditions suitable probability may be 10,000 in less than one, and that 10,000 of the one day to eat sleep work of daily life, come across more elusive, so help the network. Even if they want to marry Time object, but of course, this is something for the future, but that I am in good faith. The situation: it is now working in Guangzhou, the industry, and many struggles in the north, the cities of the Plain girls, and not many good but have been struggling. I hope that the city can meet as often, if off-site of the children's shoes necessary, I can also go to your city and hobbies and interests: I like outdoor Travel Photography writing, like natural and realistic feel, not girly Is Not vanity, on his living room, a kitchen, and said that the more than one face adultery laugh, it does not boast, it is everywhere. The past few years in a number of places, and have just started to have a woman working with a partner, look at the sea, seeing the people you want to get married and have children, and I wanted to have a personal at a later in the journey together with me that, in the hope that you will also love to travel, love life, can pass is energy. Situation of the Family: family, his daughter, Davis Love mother love, Father is ordinary civil servants, the mother is now retired, the family is not rich, but it can also be regarded as harmonious well-being of small 3 port, it is a pity that the studies are not always accompanied her. Character: lively and optimistic, independent and strong.
30 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 30
My accommodation, 50 per cent, and feelings of mutual respect, and I hope that both of them can be adapted to each other, rather than solely by one of the Parties to accommodate the other party. Not every one of those things is too much stress principle, I came, for it is not how much the wise know that calculations of the woman, and my friends say that I am natural stay in the doldrums is really a little bit, my mother said that I was so stay in his childhood that status, too easy to be too believe that a personal, too easy for the other person out and little lungs, and was to become acquainted with the words to become a little more, with my closest after it is often reflect just know me think that I was too serious it is difficult to close, I would like to say that, no! You misunderstand me! It is familiar with the character a very casual, too serious, if there is anything I can do but meet the demands of your view of a long period of time I will feel very tired, so I told you to get along with each other is not to be, however, I need to be one in my ignore some of the important things the details, they will remind I know you want to talk to me about, not in the feelings and I do a cold war. So many good enough to get to know me, I would like to thank the Browse My Home page for you. Here it is because his mother 催催 I love brides find the object what marriage, and that I, in the Spirit, is not of the principles, there are a few points for under 25,180 the following friends can, and don't find a girlfriend's message to me, 35 years of age with the uncles have the! 70 kg The following is too thin and do not, if you don't let us go in, I than you are strong that impact doesn't seem to be very good. I want to get a heavy exterior associations can also don't letter, I claimed not. Dubai, Lisa, and the men, too serious or too madame, to their own appearance was too confident of the US men's and men's spirits, and I to this although it is his luck is also want to touch that she lived, and also, don't come to the Aung San Suu Kyi. Off-site on land, if you have to find my fellow townsman, then there is nothing I can do, if you accept field, I am with you where I will go to where.         in addition, the Rice next year to the Changbai Mountain! )
37 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 42
38 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 75
33 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 36
33 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 18 - 60
58 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 60
33 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male
28 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 26
31 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 24 - 35
31 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 35
36 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 37
25 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 20 - 26
27 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 20 - 27
34 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 26 - 31
32 Xiangtan, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 24 - 30



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