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35 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 63
Hi, I'm Alexis! I'm an easy-going person with a kind and caring heart. I have a good personality and consider myself well-educated and intelligent, having graduated from a top university on the Dean's list with a master's degree. I'm also tall and attractive, and I'm an award-winning model on For Him magazine. I previously worked in 4A advertising agencies handling top brands, but I grew weary of it. I currently reside in China, yet I find myself connecting better with mindsets and values from English-speaking countries, which unfortunately narrows down my potential matches. I consider myself loyal, trustworthy, and a good communicator. I don't have any religion, I believe in doing good and being good. I admire people who have faith, but I prefer people who are not religious, as I find some of them a bit extreme with their beliefs. I am generous and always there for people around me, but that comes with disappointing experiences with friends I lent a large amount of money to deleting me or people breaking their promises. I am still learning and treasure genuine relationships. I guess I can only do my best with a clear conscience, knowing that I don't owe others; if others owe me, then it's their choice. I like to learn, and I can figure out pretty much everything myself, from applying for complex citizenship to going to court representing myself. I would like to have a Ph.D. degree some day. I'm seeking to make new friends, connect with mentors and potential co-founders, but ultimately, my greatest wish is to find my best friend, my protector, and my life partner to spend every day with. I enjoy cooking, writing journals, and building brands and websites. I have a deep love for dogs, and I like people who are kind to animals. I hope to have a dog of my own one day.
59 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 56 - 65
I am looking for a true loving relationship to see how wonderful lives can be. I am a warm and easy-going person. It makes me happy and gives meaning to my life to see my loved ones happy. And I am ready to give more than I take, like I have always been. I am young at heart and open-minded, active and sometimes a bit funny. I work out (taking private strength training lessons, doing aerobics and stretching) a few times a week for years, and I always feel so good walking out of the gym, bursting of energy, feeling light and free… I like walking, dancing, singing, badminton, tennis, and many other activities and enjoy very much outdoor… I love sunshine in winter and love to work in the garden, in fact, I loved staying outdoor most of the time on lovely days in my garden or on the porch. I love traveling, my trips to Europe and America were especially rewarding, some with family and also friends and they were great experiences to travel with a small group of people. I take time to appreciate nature instead of hurrying to places. I don’t like wasting time going shopping on trips. I like to go with a general plan that allow impulsive decisions as well. I am at a very good age and time to travel, with almost no family obligations, have the freedom of time and money, and physically strong for trips. I value quality over quantity. I like to spend money wisely all the time although I don’t need to save money. I think twice before I buy, especially durable goods. I try to practice the principle of 断舍离, getting rid of unnecessary stuff from time to time and keep control of purchasing. Keeping an orderly and very nice home is really important for an enjoyable life. I believe in healthy eating and manage to cook with balanced nutrition: protein, fiber and carbs, especially on the days of training. I dream of a loving relationship that the couple would always smile, hug, kiss, and walk with fingers interlocked. I will always take your words or actions with good intention, unless I am proven wrong. I believe it is not about winning an argument, there is often no right or wrong at home. What matters is that the couple treat each other nicely, with understanding and respect, and without judging. About my work and profession. Currently running my own online teaching business. Did my MBA in China Europe International Business School, years of marketing management experience in multinational companies like Whirlpool Home Appliances, Lion Nathan Brewery, General Mills, etc. At the age of 59 I am still young and full of energy, still optimistic that I can find THE ONE who is meant for me.
37 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 40
I have no expectations here, but if i end up being lucky meeting someone, great. We can live in China-because life is sooo convinient and SAFE(not so much religiously complicated and everyone can have a gun.or terrorist activity....) with so many yummy food(i love gastronomy and in China, there are so many delicious things ..and l never worry about getting weight or getting hungry in the middle of night. waimai is truly a hig help and so efficient, thanks to modern mobile apps technology ..lol)and wechat...lol(yes, l like it .and l really want that other westen countries will have access to its functions like we do ij China..)..if not, we can live in your/another country...for exemple, Australia or Europe would be great..lol. I would love to keep a cute dog and a big oven for making bakey...lol.. l love making bakery😇 ,together we make many many plans n spend evenings with wine,conversation,movies at home or just doing work or anything on PC...lf we have baby someday,i would like the baby to learn french(French first,and Manderin second,certainly English last.lol..!!) n not impose the baby to have a fully charged childhood like most Chinese kids pushed by their Chinese mothers(trust me l understand perfectly how it feels when l was a kid myself in China).. LOL😁...I have asian look, but many western minds. I speak french, english and chinese. If you are looking for fun (during your short visit/traveling in shanghai),DON'T WRITE to me!! Trust me,lm so busy these days that l wish l could have a 48hour every day... oh..lf l don't reply you, usually means either m busy or (if after a long time) not interested.
53 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 43 - 55



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