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56 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
Am I Hi, a lovely pisces girl Life to me, is always fresh and colorful, like I My here 2 meet another half (Aussie Guy) and ready to enjoy the quality time with him. Im an energetic, confident, considerate, romantic, loyal, attractive, and easy-going lady I . 19 years old have a daughter and she studies as a 12 year high school student at coast in Gold Australia . Australia I had been to for several times like the I . scenery of this beautiful country, like the enviorment and climate of this area, especially like the people living on this ground.Hope I can one day live there with my ideal partner I . woman, am a family home is the most important thing to dont mind me, but to connect with my partner if social activities like I . I had been told that have a natural ability to communicate with people quickly I . and dont mind doing houeworks I always make cooking, warm, and my home tidy and in romantic, perfect orders like Also . these things together to share with my partner, You know why? It can make us closer! Me, For I have many interests: painting, decorating, and designing, dancing, singing, listening music, light yoga ... I like to do a long walking on the street or beach to keep myself fit, like I sometimes to climb the hill to get away from stressful work. like to go to people watching surf beach, breathing the fresh air, and hearing the sound wave, playing with the sand ... I like to walk down the park at the glowing sunset dinner after n lay on the ground watching the Stars Moon ~ &Im * looking forward to do it with my partner later on reliable I hope to spend, the night cuddling with him and holding hands in sofa with a glass of wine watching TV (movie) or just chatting on the carpet after a hard day working busy one day someone Hope . can catch my heart and loves to give his whole carings and concerns to me, it just Is you?
44 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male
They are young has always been the time when I didn't think in their feelings of love, and feel that in the event of the time can always occur. I never thought that time is not on the past, and many heterosexual slip hat, but has always been to become a legend in the remaining female " " . Although somewhat lonely, but there are a wonderful person. 30 is the most beautiful woman of her age, than the girl, more tolerant and generous man, and more will be more appreciative, more thoughtful people from the other person good at listening to and is better able to understand life perspective, even more so, they stress, more quality and more know what you want. This age as if it were the woman after oak barrels of wine and vintage's charm and atmosphere. A lot of people have said that China's young girls in popular, this is perhaps the existence of a phenomenon, but cannot be fully representative. If a man is ripe, it is thought that he did not want someone to share his ideas and wisdom? young and beautiful faces and the mind to do so if there is no wisdom and will soon be eclipsed when can only bring about a fresh, slightly more in-depth understanding will find it boring. If you would like to find a brain empty vases, please don't waste time here in himself. It was also said that the Chinese man likes to find a weak, and does not wish to own their own woman cause too strong. This is widespread, but not all of it. There are many successful man behind a mature, wise woman behind. Let us imagine a successful career, another is purely the housewives, long natural on two individuals could no longer be thinking of the Exchange, so that the marriage has not been what quality? Therefore, I would like to have a connotation of the headpiece, men, we should be able to find a life shared with him, a woman, and grow together. Did the "left" women were not so sad, and sadly lost their own. In this age for marriage, but rather more cannot be rushed, otherwise it would be painful, because you don't have enough time to experience failures, so you should become more calmly and rationally analyze and choose. This may be the better conditions " remaining female " More and more reasons. I am not a brain empty vases, men are not "Grandma" like work crazy. belonging to a career of their own, and be good at balancing life and work. Love the travel, leisure time more than 10 countries, like learning dance. Enjoy a sense of responsibility, and studious, mature, there is a connotation of men. In his heart he should be a good sunshine, love life, mentality, inclusive of men. Here I hope to find his work together as a common growth, and, together with his life until the finish line holding hands.
42 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 51



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