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42 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 70
I could be your sweetwechat sunccun, kind, considerate, thoughtful huckleberry if you are my Mr right. Happy is one in my top list, my belief is that only happy wife can bring happiness to husband, only happy mom can bring happiness to children. Body shape management is one in my top list, I like running, swimming, boating, golf, yoga. If you like sports, I would love to do exercise together. It is also good way to start a sweet relationship, right? Ambitious and continuous study is one in my top list, these two are key factors to guarantee me to achieve higher and higher level. Volunteering for my local Humane Society is one of my passion, and I'd love to find someone who cares about this, too. Humor is lubricant of daily life, my no-joking gene father always expects my call because I always bring a funny beginning in the call, like "Do you know who is calling you, please guess" or "This is your daughter calling you, but do you know which daughter?". I transmit my humor to my kid, now he is more funny than me and tells me lots of jokes. Beside humor cells, I have different mathematics and engineering/high-tech background, it is amazing that humor and engineering are getting along with each other very well in my mind, and they are best friends. I like all kinds of readings, e.g. history, mathematics, physics, semiconductor, engineering, mechanics, manufacturing, car, optics, finance, education, movie,medical, business, marketing, art, management... I accumulate these step by step, time by time. My favorite thing while I take plane is reading magazines and newspapers.
38 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 18 - 99
[微笑]又是万物复苏相亲求偶的季节,感恩网友们还联系我,之前有位年龄稍长的友友加了我后看了我的近期视频就说我太漂亮而驻足不前了,有的海量加也不知我的档案是哪个[捂脸]人们说生活是公平的,喜欢是欣赏别人的优点,爱是和人的缺点过日子,为了不耽误彼此时间我想还是先暴露一下自己的缺点。作为中国80初小县城出身的宝宝,小时营养不良,上学后被父母强行关在家缺少运动,发育期又因学业繁重每天早上4,5点爬起来,所以胸平腿短,身高不足一米六,皮肤逐渐松弛老化,少了少女的娇俏水灵,偶尔享受自己做饭刷墙换灯泡,手上的叉也比娇生惯养的同龄人多;关于小孩,以前国家政策是计划生育,没有生的打算,突然来个二胎政策已到中年不勉强;还因一次肺炎烙下慢性咽炎,现在几乎痊愈,却因家教过严与不愉快的恋爱史恐婚,也庆幸能按照自己的意愿活着。如果你想要小孩不知心底是否放得下年轻的美眉冒着高龄产妇的危险与我共度余生? 优点是热爱大自然与多彩的世界,有颗烂漫的童心,善良勤奋。小时有乞讨者上门我和弟弟会把家里所有的吃的和零花钱如数奉献,小学时每天会绕道先送同学回家再独自回去,喜欢模仿媒体上看到的美好情节,曾梦想成为音乐老师,形象设计师,书店老板。高中时曾为年级文艺部长,比较擅长语言艺术类,大学时几乎看遍了书店所有能看懂的书,住在学校的生物园,又梦想成为园丁,未毕业就受邀作为翻译访问各国总统,也曾被推荐为上海的法国使馆做音乐管理和大学做英语老师,不过厌倦压抑的政府部门的工作,尝试过外贸,教师,涉外旅游,玩过金融,直播和翡翠。会因为陌生人的一句孩子们没人教而放弃追求者跑到贫困山区支教。 记忆中最幸福的时光是带着各地游客东跑西串,蹭吃蹭喝,在山水之间游泳嬉戏,爬上山顶唱歌,现在却对外面的世界兴趣缺缺,渐渐明白为啥别人说找对了另一半就是整个宇宙。微信习惯双语阅读写作是多年的生活工作习惯,不是崇洋媚外,只要是对的人出处不重要。以前觉得自己还是个孩子,生娃带娃如此沉痛,还要给超负荷的地球增加负担,男方还可能会出轨[捂脸]现在看到孕妈生宝宝就会感动到哭,脑海里时不时浮现小孩撒娇的幸福感,也许是年龄使然,也许那就是爱的供养,哪怕一直坚信只有自己靠得住。以前看过篇文章说最佳的结婚时间不是生理成熟了而是心理准备好了,只求你健康灵动懂得生活的乐趣与担当,我期待他的到来也坦然面对孤独终老。
45 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
44 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
Please ask for my heart, not only my beautiful appearance . It will all be yours anyway living the Life of loving means caring... I am a divorced young woman from southern China. I am 39 years old And have no children., I am simple, humble, supportive, general, understanding, smart, funny Beauty, romantics, self-confident and independent by personality, looking for my lifelong partner and Best friend here. Can you go the distance for a lifetime of one. We are great together, we just Click, everyday is so fun and life is love wrapped in an adventure. I have an amazing life now Except I really would like to meet someone kind and gentle to start a family with. I know you can Make me a great family with your sincere willingness qualities. I love celebrating your culture Too. So wondful to treasure. I get so happy knowing that I make you happy, and that you are happy Making me feel so good inside. We are just the luckiest in the world, its how we feel inside, we Cant help but thank God alot. I have no kids, but I will treat my future husband's children very well And raise them and educate them and show them good morals and leave a good legacy behind.I also Hopefully to have one or more children of my own in the future. Little things make me happy, I'm Playful, sweet, honest guy with a big heart looking for one specialty.. I love nature, the ocean, Beaches, fresh air, and seeking sunsets and harmony with you my love. Love holding hands so Willful to be in love. I love beauty, music and art, recreation, good food and quiet times. After You reading this self-introduction and think that I'm the most suitable one you're seeking for, then Send me a sincere responding pleasure. Thanks .



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