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36 - 70 of 100
36 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
51 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 47 - 60
(Scammers who asks for money or other things, I know all your tricks, so don't waste anytime!!!) I am looking for you -- An interesting Soul. My soulmate. Good -looking skins are all the same,Interesting souls are the one in a ten thousand, I am looking for you--the interesting soul, my soulmate. and I know we are a good match. I am Terra I am here looking for my soulmate! I know we’ve lost for thousands of years, And now it’s time for us to reunite ...When more and more divine light flocking into the planet earth now, Goddess also returns to the planet earth, it’s the great time for us soul family to reunite now. I am here waiting for you, my soulmate, my soul family...I'm opening my arms to welcome you be back honey! To tell you about my this life journey here,I was born and raised in Sichuan China, and I have been live in lovely Guangzhou for 23 year.It’s a very beautiful place to live. if you come with me one day you will also like her. I have my own business a furniture consultancy company, She gives me happiness and abundance, and I am very grateful to her .After divorce I spent all the time on raising my son and running my business, and now my son is studying in an archbishop high school,and I know it’s the right time for us--you and me to reunite now! I have wide range of interests including movies ,music, dancing,reading ,exercises and Qigong,Yoga and Meditation.I learned Qigong when I was a college student and I started to meditate from then, Now meditation is one of my way of life and it brings me inner peace ,joy,bliss... its the best way for me to connect with our divine source God and angels, unicorns and all the light beings in the infinite universe.also its the path which will guide me to go back to our paradise. I also well traveled,including Africa, India, Thailand, Malaysia and so on.I went to Kenya to watch animals migration,I have been to India twice and learned Raja Yoga in The World Spiritual University.I am interested in spiritual live, I have studied many kinds of spiritual courses to explore life and the universe.I am also a good cook. When I cook, I usually would like to purify my food and send my love energy to them and before I eat I am thankful to them, as I believe my behavior can promote the frequency of vibration of my food, and they will be more alimentary for my body. By the way I’ve been a vegetarian for 7 years, I really love to enjoy healthy and pure food. I am a simple, honest, optimistic, compassionate,loving, romantic, sincere woman and always curious about this world. I always wonder, Where do we come from? Where will we go after we would passed away one day, What’s the meaning of us coming to the planet earth? Sometime when I was walking in the surge of crowd people through, I suddenly stopped , I was staring at all the people on the street, I was thinking at that moment, Why did I come to the planet earth? Just for food? for sleeping? for work? for money? for entertainment? Do I have some missions to be here? Why am I so touched by this world sometimes,and sometimes I feel so alone? I have strong feeling that I was separated from somethings which I deeply loved,When I was a little girl I used to think that I was an angel who came down from the heavens to the planet earth,and one day I will go back home... I have countless things that I am looking forward to sharing with you, my soulmate, my love,and you will be the man I can create the happy,joyful, active and romantic life with in the rest of my this life .
36 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 33 - 48
My dad is a physics professor in university, and my mom used to be a factory worker before she retired. My parents are big fan of music, our home was full of music when I was very young. I learned to play electronic piano and singing in the choir, and singing has become my love till now. My adolescent years were happy, and I became very fond of movies. My intense interest in English and movies serve strong incentive for my study. As a result, I chose English as my undergraduate major, and applied for graduate study later on. I spent five years studied in USA, graduated with master degree in education and accounting, and later worked as an accountant . Michigan and DC are two places that I lived and worked, with lots of memories. I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to most of the colleges along the east coast,. And I’m very grateful that I met some wonderful people at school and at work, people who I model after in my career and my life. After getting back to China, I have been working as a corporate accountant, formerly in the US manufacturing company, and now in a Swedish company. My work involves accounting, reporting, and needs lots of cross-departmental communication. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, swimming, and spend some quality time with my family. I’m cheerful and open-minded. To me, dignity and empathy are valuable traits within a man. Although sounds old-fashioned, I’m a mature woman with a girlish heart, as I keep curious and passionate about new things. I hope you are the person that I’m looking for, kind, passionate, generous, and with good sense of humor, as I look forward to meeting you and start a new journey.
50 Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 65
My name is Sue , a wman who doesn't need to rely on gorgeous clothes and heavy makeup to express Herself. Kindness and thought are my nature. It is my advantage to love sports and learn to Accept new things. 1. Why am I looking for a man from a Western country (Because I know you will ask me) first of all, I am not looking for a green card (I have a visa for western countries); I am not looking for rich man. In China, my economy is very stable. I am not a rich person, but life Is comfortable enough. There are two reasons for choosing a man who lives in a Western countries: A: They are tall and strong, strong muscles, warming smiles and eyes, independent, interesting, Respecting women, good at praying and communicating to solve problems. B: I like Western culture, pursue personal and moral values, emphasize freedom and equality, and the Family is in the first place. I really like America Thanksgiving and weekend family Union days. 2, My photos and profiles are real, I deny any kinds of games, refusing to talk dirty . because life is Very short, the rest of my life is only for the one who is willing to walk with me. I am looking for A lover in my life. He is kind, honor, romantic, and faithful. A man who is family oriented becomes My soulmate . My goal is very clear and I will take 100% effort to achieve it. I especially like the West. Wedding vows. 3. I am an university teacher. I work very freely. I like reading books and Checking materials. I have a better understanding in the economy, culture and history of western Countries. I have lived in the United States for 1 year and Western European countries for 1 month. I like to explore new things, advocate a healthy and natural life, work and rest time is very Normal,I get up early every morning, exercise Qigong, I also like reading, reading and writing at Home in my spare time . I like to watch movies at weekends and go to the museum. 4. I was born into A traditional family, my parents were kind and taught us family and moral values. My daughter is 20 Years old, she is very smart and eager to learn, understandable and individual, she likes literature And art, our relationship is more like a friend. I divorced in 2015, and the biggest dislocation in This marriage is that our values and pursues are different. He is a good person, but not a Qualified husband and father, he only cares about his feelings and preferences, his favorite is Computer games. I like Westerners who love life, passion for life, love of family, sincere Expression of emotion and art of sex, which makes me more certain that men living in the West are More suitable for me. 5, love and money If love is mixed with schemes that have nothing to do with It, then it is not true love. Money can't buy love, but love has to be built based on money, you can Go together to realize the dreams of both sides. Shakespeare said: Love is not the sweet words in the shade of flowers, not the secret words in the peach blosoms, not The light tears, not the hard compilation, the love is based on the common voice. 6. My view of Marriage? I think that a happy marriage comes from: Sexual harmony, respect, and trust. My understanding of the concept of marriage is: Loyalty and independence. Loyal to love, not betrayal, I like to enjoy "fun", my sweet cover must be A passionate lover who really likes sex (Or wants), I prefer real, let us look for "fun" together Independence, although I want to get Married, I am not in a hurricane to marry. My marriage must have love. I have a home for marriage. The Home is the core of life, especially for me
59 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 70
Hi, My name is Yi, I was born and living in Shanghai, a magical city with both western and eastern Culture, and one of the most well known city in China, famous for its food, drama, exhibitions and Beautiful sites including the Oriental Pearl, the Shanghai Disneyland, the museums, Shanghai Expo, Showplace etc. I am excellent in playing piano, guitar, Guzheng, my favorite songs are to Alice, and Romance of Love. I had been working in children’s education for decades before retirement, since I. Was graduated and became the senior teacher in kindergarten and also published tens of essays and Won a lot of prizes in the competition of the children’s education. I also created a large numbers Of songs and dance for the children too. I am really enjoy what I am doing to serving and offering Help for development of youths. I also am taking an active interest into various areas, such as Reading, singling, dancing, volunteer Gardening, and swimming, table tennis. My favorite movie type are mechanical, comedy, and science Fiction. I also love reading books about motion and stock market. Besides, I consider myself an Excellent cook and I can cook Spice cab, a variety of Chinese bittern, western dim sum. I am a big Fan of traveling and have been to more than 10 countries including US, Canada, France, Switzerland Germany Italy, Austria, Thailand, Vietnam etc. I am very humorous woman and always make people laughs, Understanding, communicating, and have good taste for life. I am dreaming of sharing simple life, Doing our favorite things, traveling, cooking and gardening together with my future partner. Are you The destination of my searching?
30 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
(True reminder: I'm not beautiful without make-up, pls look for sb. else if you want to find a beauty) Please do not disturb if you want to find an obedient naïve beauty instead of a decent, proper, ordinary-looking wife. Good men are very rare and I have not yet found anyone I want here, but luckily, I didn't waste too much time on this website, either. I’m 29 years old from China, intelligent, loving, considerate and gentle. I’ve been searching around here for about 3 years but results in vain. But I’ll keep searching until I find the right one. I’m very serious about relationship and marriage. I might be a good girlfriend or wife, but won’t be a choice for hookups, so pls save the time for both of us and make sure we stay tune for the same channel. From my perspective, even a strong fighter a man may be, he still yearns for true love from a woman. He protects her, likewise she supports him - what a good match. They are not only sweet lovers, but also good friends, intimate partners, and close families. “A good woman is for a good man.” I’m rational and I won’t give my love to a man unless he’s good. I’m constantly searching for the right one and it’s hard, but pls do not disturb if you are not looking for a wife. ** A few words to my Mr. Right: I will stay single all of my life, until that day, I find you among the millions, because I really have no interest in those men that I have ever met in my daily life or chatted with online. To a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is determined to spend her quality life with a serious attitude, loneliness is her best friend throughout her life, by which she devotes most of her time to studying and working alone. Your past does not matter to me, as I can see most men will not wait alone patiently until he finds his true love, but I hope you can have a refreshing new start with me. You deserve a loyal, capable and affectionate wife if you’re my Mr. Right. I'm very independent and hardworking, and I do enjoy my life these years, but together with you, we build a good family. So far, I have never met anyone offline from dating websites, I hope you will be the first one, and the only one. You have been absent from my life in the past years, but I managed to go through those lonely nights and empty feelings, I'm still waiting for you as I know one day you will show up as a happy surprise. I'm ready to give you all of my love to a man for the rest of my life. Wish you a wonderful 2021 and look forward to meeting you soon! **
42 Changsha, Hunan, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 50
I am always dreaming that scene: In a sunshining afternoon, I am preparing tea or coffee and some desserts on the table beside a big window, my lovely hubby and our kids are playing water with waterpipe on the grassgroud of our garden, the spray is shining brightly under the sunshine. My hubby and kids are running and laughing. And my hubby waves his hands to me when he looks at me through the big window and I can't help smiling to him. I know very well what I want and what kind of man is suitable to have a sweet family with. I am here looking for serious relationship and don't hope to waste any time with those who just keep glancing right and left here. Once both of us have interest in each other, let's keep constant and sincere communication to know more. Then maybe we can leave here hand-in-hand and come together into real life. Our purpose here is not to stay here long, and it's just a way to meet the right one. So I think it's wiser to use the time to get to know the one you are really interested in better, go into and enjoy life together as early as possible, after all, everyone in the world only has one life, we shouldn't waste more time on glancing right and left, and much better to use the time to improve our life together and improve ourselves to be better people. I like travelling very much,scuba diving,hiking, camping,sports, dining out, films and the nature. I always like to make the home tidy and nice with fresh flowers and green plants. Friends like to taste my cooking sometimes on weekend, they think I am decent but also open-minded, kind-hearted, interesting, family-oriented and passionate to life. Hope to meet you here soon.