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43 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 29 - 40
Looking for a serious relationship, but we can hope from friendship starte Hope . You are a polite, honest, well-educated, and intelligent man with a big heart ... Hope the story can be ended with a sweet family and may be beautiful kids someday ... Grow up finicially and educated in a healthy family, nice and wise parents in the U Studied . . . K for 4 years, working in an company Amercian traved to different places in the world, and I enjoyed and appreciated so much the various culture can share Wish . The difference in our life and culture passed the best understanding to the kids ... a true love of people, on the quiet life waiting for the other half. I always felt that I was a very fortunate man: on the parents of the happy drinking and care of the growing, 4 years of studying abroad and travelled the world for the experience of the world I see a great return, and later to Shanghai in a listed company management, is sent to the joint venture parties one of world's top 500 companies in the US for a period of 2 years of management training, and project manager. About Me: Most people in the eyes of beauty, self-confidence on his living room in the kitchen. personality can be regarded as pro-and-cheerful, kind, generous, Darkie positive and optimistic. Hope you have a good education, there is a inclusive of the open heart to have a strong sense of responsibility, hard work and good communication. Believe that you have not let you down, and look forward to a new acquaintance and good for you!
44 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 40
Due to work I left Beijing and stayed in the coastal city Dalian for 3 years. Now I am back, still go back to Dalian occasionally. But my Hukou is in Beijing, and I want to find a serious relationship then build a family in Beijing. I have stable job, good income, the street-smart and a certain wisdom. I'm not very talktive, unless I meet some very interesting people that can inspire my talking nerve. If you want to find a beautiful, lovey, sexy, cute, sweet, nice, caring woman, a good chef, a good wife and a good mother to your child, if you want to meet a special woman whom you'll never be tired of loving, if you want to find a wife to have fun together, to laugh together, to work together, to learn new things together, to explore together, to create together, to picture your life together, to travel and sail together, contact me. Hobbies: to experiencing, to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch and to feel with heart. Love travelling, museums, hiking, camping, reading, movies, TV series, concerts, musicals, stage theatres, sports, photography, karaoke, dancing, fine food, cooking, house-keeping, gardening, and all kinds of beautiful things. My experiences: I've been to NYC, San Francisco, Mexico City, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussel, Burge, Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Monaco, Munich,Augsburg, Ravensburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Neuschweinstein, Hannover, Aachen, Cologne, Vienna, Saltzburg, Venice, Padova, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Napoli, Pompei, Zurich, Geneve, Berne, Luzern, Laussanne, Basel, London, Istanbul, Mamaris, HK, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, and I want to travel to the rest of the world. This year hopefully to Japan and other common wealth countries, then to Africa and South America. My favorite channels: HK Pheonix Chinese, Discovery Channel, National Geographics, Star Movies, BBC, Channel [V]. My favorate movies: 1900 (legend of a pianist in the ocean), Persuit after Happiness, A Lot Like Love, Transporter 123, Die Hard 123, God Father 123, Shrek 123, As Good as It Gets, The Six Sense, Piladelphia, Once Upon a Time in America, Scent the Woman, Legend of Fall, Sound of Music, Roman Holidays, Gone with the Wind, Shawshank Redemption, City of Angles, Life is beautiful, Leon, Gladiator, Die Hard, Brief Encounter, Crash, Love Actually, Babel, King Kong, Meet the Fockers, The Legend of Zorro 1, Matrix, Malena, Catch If You Can, and many many others. Then favorite TV: Hustle, Coupling, Little Britian, 4400, Lost, House, 24, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Ghost Whisper, The Sopranos, Friends, Las Vegas, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol. Then Favorite Music: Lang Lang, Jay Chou, Eminem, Michael Buble, Ennio Morricone, James Horner, Buddha Bar, Bandari. Favorite Games: Age of Empire, Tomb Raider, Caesar III, Rise of Middle Kingdom. Favoritefood: Chinese Hot Pot, Sichuan, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese, Agentina steaks. To the man I love, I have a heart like an ocean, beauty like a siren, patience like time, smile like dawnlight after night and spring after winter, ......However, you need to be excellent enough to match such a woman. :)

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