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52 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 65
Hello, I call qing from the beautiful mountain, city of china. the geomorphic environment and special climate of the mountain ring water gave birth to my lively and welcoming character, and my mind was confident in sunshine. I have a hardworking, kind, great mother, and we have eight brothers and sisters. I have a big family. I have a beautiful and sensible daughter. I am very happy with my daughter. I am very happy. I like it. family atmosphere. I am grateful for all the encounters in my life because it has transformed me from a female man into an elegant woman. I am now in the clothing industry and also a dean of the china women's college of Daiyu college. I am passionate about charity, spread beauty, share love, be a woman, and be happy. I like music singing, physical training is a way for me to exercise, I like romance and freedom, I admire beautiful love, I believe that when I become good enough, I will meet in life and let me through the sea of ​ ​ souls is a soul-mate. I am here to place an order with the universe: I hope that men's humor can bear the burden, love the house and the ukrainian, grateful contentment, loyalty and love, connect with each other heart, hand in hand to the old, share breakfast, share every good time living in the moment! Hello, my name is qing from china beautiful mountain city of Chongqing. The Ring of water surrounding the physical environment and the special climate fostered lively passion I love to laugh, Sunny Personality Psychology self-confidence. I have a great hardworking and kind-hearted mother and nurture our brothers and sisters in eight months, I have a very peaceful family, and I have a nice sensible daughter, together with her daughter particularly happy, particularly at the 有, I like their music in inclusive family atmosphere. I am thankful to all of life's Encounter, because it lets me from one female men degenerated into an elegant woman, I am now engaged in the clothing industry, it is also a 戴 college dean of the Chinese woman. I am keen public charity, dissemination and sharing of love, a beautiful woman, one of the well-being of the world. I love the music to sing, Shape 修 is my exercise, I like romance and freedom, I advocate are united in love, I believe that when I become good enough, the time will come across in life let me pass through to the 怦 Soul Mate
46 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 56
Hello, I come from, china, my name is snow, pure, romantic, just like my personality: optimistic, kind, loving, sincere, easy-going, cheerful, sunshine, like to laugh, independent, strong, positive, very young mentality, like to do something very interesting. after completing my studies at chongqing university, I went to singapore alone. I studied at the singapore school of management for two years, and then at the university of south australia in singapore for two years. after graduation, KIBUN, I worked for a japanese company, for two years. then I started my own business in singapore and ran a clothing store. because of family needs, then returned home to develop. after returning home, I have been engaged in medical and medical equipment Business until now, due to the busy career, plus did not meet the right person, so has been single. now, as my career has stabilized and my desire for home has grown stronger, I really want to find a soul mate who loves me and understands me for the rest of my life. my ideal companion, he has a sense of responsibility, love, romantic. humor, love life we can do what we like to do hand in hand, grow up together and enjoy the happy time together. the best thing in the world is to love and to love each other. true love is to love each other from the heart, want to protect him, warm him, give him all the The real couple, happiness, not a moment of passion, but a lifetime of guardianship, is each other's hearts, holding each other's hands, together through the storms of the years, mutual support.hold your hand and grow old together with you this world is very big, the rest of life is still very long, I believe, there will always be a person across thousands of miles to come to your side, love you, care about you, give you a lifetime of warmth and moved. may the rest of your life be with the people who love you, watching the water flow eastward, watching the sun fall in the evening, cherishing each other, warming each other, and enjoying the joyful time in Firewood, rice, oil and salt. Hi, I am from china chongqing, my name is Snow, pure, romantic, like my character: optimistic, kind, caring, sincere, easy-going, cheerful, Sunny, love to laugh, independent, strong, positive attitude, the very young and like to do some very interesting things. In the Chongqing University after completing their studies, I went to Singapore to study independently. In the Singapore Institute of Management Study two years in Singapore in the South Australian universities for two years after graduation in a Japanese company KIBUN for two years, and later in Singapore in your own business, operating a clothing store. Since the family returned later development. After returning home, I have been engaged in medicine, medical equipment business to now, as a result of busy career, and did not meet the right people, it has been single. Now, the gradual stabilization of the cause of the desire for more and more strongly and sincerely want to find a sore, I understand that my soul mate of this life. My ideal companion, he had a sense of humor, caring, and loving life, and romance. Together, we can work hand-holding hands do what we like to do, to grow together, to enjoy happy hour. The most wonderful thing universal, than to love and be loved, opposite each other to pay. True Love is the heart of the 心 each other, trying to protect him, welcoming him to the well-being of all was to him, with a real couple, not a moment's passion, which is the life of the daemons that are 心 each other, by the other's hand, along with the ups and downs, and mutual support, mutual support, and with each other, the 患 does not dispose of a lifetime away. The rest of the world, there is still a long way to go, I believe that there will always be a thousand miles across the WAN to come to your side and 心 you, care about you and give you a lifetime of warm and moving. Would like to rest and 心 themselves together, looking toward the Shuidong stream, and look at the day of fall, they cherish each other, warmth, and the Chai, rice, cooking oil and salt can enjoy happy hour.
51 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 68
My name is sun-young, 49, from the beautiful Chongqing, Chongqing's Hill, Chongqing Water to raise the beauty, passion, height 162, weighing 54 kilograms, the genetic parents of goodness, sincerity, enthusiasm, and many people say that I am beautiful, I feel that the people of the United States and the appearance is beautiful, it should be combined with the built-in the United States, and is a real beauty, inside & out, I learned to manage, hair salon, now in a comprehensive financial group, Fortune 500 companies do field supervisor, has received many honors, and come in many countries. In addition to the work, other than the usual like music, dance, drink tea, iron goddess), drink coffee, playing table tennis, horseback riding, swimming, fitness, and learn some financial management knowledge and health knowledge, like tourism, picking, and other outdoor activities. My name is LILI, 49 years old, from beautiful china, the mountain of, chongqing water to raise beauty, warm me, height 162, weight 54 kilograms, the inheritance of his parents' kind, sincere, warm, generous, a lot of people say me beautiful, I think a person's appearance beautiful not beautiful, should be combined with the inner beauty, is the real beauty, inside and outside and repair, I studied management hairdressing, now doing a comprehensive financial group, the world 500 strong enterprise field supervisor, won many honors, and across many countries. in addition to work, usually like music, dance, drink tea, tieguanyin), coffee, play table tennis, horse riding, swimming, fitness, study some financial knowledge, health knowledge, like to travel, outdoor Activities such as picking.



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