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54 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 65
Hello! I come from Chongqing, China. My English name is Celia. Single, highly educated, and proficient in English. I have a. Stable job and enjoy facing everything with a smile. I think: I like you holding my hand for a walk; I like you to ride a bike with me; I enjoy cooking and enjoy your cooking skills, saving the taste of fruits; I prefer to lean in your arms to watch movies and enjoy music; I also like animals and plants, making them add joy to our lives. I love my hometown and love health care. As I am about to Retire, I dream of spreading Chinese medical culture around the world. I hope you also like my city - Chongqing, the Mountains and rivers, the night scenery, and the hot pot in Chongqing. I like dance, I like music, I like food, I like Flowers and plants, but I am not good at planting; I also like animals, I love the beauty of life, and I am grateful for the beauty that life brings us every day! I have a diligent and studious heart. I love nature and dream of having someone to ride with me, listen to birds singing And smell the fragrance of flowers... I like tranquillity, but I don't like crowded people, cars, and houses. I am Understanding and willing to help others. I hope you are the same, with love and patience. I hope we can trust and Resonate with each other. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits; I like romance and warmth, and I dream of men with a sense of family responsibility to explore wonderful fun together. I. Am very happy to move to your city and spend the rest of my life with you. I am an early riser, and when I get up, I am busy Taking care of the whole day's work. Vegetables and fruits are my favorites, and your favorites... I dream of waking up With you, taking a walk together, and slowly aging together. God wants us to meet, I am looking for a soul mate who Understands me, loves me, and loves me... is that you?
40 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 33 - 43
Hey guys, I'm Laehl from Chongqing China, a beautiful city with lots of moutains and rivers here. People likes to visit Chongqing due to it's nice view and delicouos food, and sometimes just for watching beauties here~~~~ Okay, let's get To the point. Just don't make sense like most of my previous colleagues and clients think that I MUST be a very pretty girl Because of my CQ label, haha...Coz the reality is that I'm just very normal looking, and most of the time I thought it Could be that I left Chongqing too early and too long since I entered into university. Then I decided to go back to my Hometown after more than 10 years studying and working in North and East cities of China. Now I've been back for more than 9 Years, loving the life here very much. Although I left my homtown for many years, but I never choose my CQ character, Honest, upward, cheery and straight forward. And I had lived in Shanghai and Hangzhou more than 7 years, those Working and life experience also taught me far sighted, attentive, tough and smart. I like making friends who's Honest, positive and kindhearted. In weekends, I dont like staying at home too much but attending outdoor activities. I. Like hiking or climbing mountains, outdoor life is so cheery and make me more healthy and energetic. Traveling is Also my favorite, now I've visited most cities of mainland China but only a few abroad. 3 years pandemic changes most of Our lives, it's been a long time no such outdoor activities and travels. Hope this new year 2023, every bad things Will go, and we all can embrace a new healthy rich life. Regarding the relationship, I'm not intended in any Playboys. I'm always serious and careful in looking for a lifetner. What I repeated for a relationship is that we like Each other, have some same common sense and values, respect each other, have the same target working hard for a better Life. And if he also likes sports and traveling, that would be much better as we can visit more of the world Together. Cheaters leave me alone.I have sharp eyes on liar...
56 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 68
Now, you! Thank you for your precious time to visit my resume. I am Eva from Chongqing, China. Our city is close to the mountains and Water. Loyalty and love, in the eyes of my friends are positive and optimal, love beauty lady, I like to drink health Tea, eat healthy food, I especially love durian, haha, I also like sports, running, playing table tennis, swimming Dancing, riding a bike, This makes me full of energy and keep my body and mind happy! I like to travel, I almost all the big cities and several foreign cities in China, the Great Wall of Beijing, the Forbidden City, tian'anmen square, the gouge steamed stuffed bun in tianjin, the town god's temple in Shanghai, the Small manna in guangzhou, the yuhua stone in nanjing, the garden in suzhou, Yellow Crane tower in Wuhan, jiuzhaigou in Chengdu, three pools in Hangzhou, yanchue in Hangzhou, Atlantis water world in sanya, hainan, world window in Shenzhen, erhai lake in gangshan, yunnan, huangguoshi waterfall in guizhou, mogao grotto in gansu, qinghai lake Qinghai, The former residence of MAO zedong in hubei province, potala palace in Tibet, Victoria harbor in Hong Kong Venice in Macao, cherry blossoms in Japan, Chiang mai in Thailand, sentosa island in Singapore, all of which make me Miss and leave good memories. Broaden my knowledge and experience, I see all kinds of customs and customs in the world, Although language differences, but the love of the world is the same, it is like a kaleidoscope in front of my eyes, my Footprints and figure for me wrote a wonderful writing! I like to watch movies, Roman holiday, Titanic, romance of The Three Kings, a dream of red mansions all make me worse! I like to read the famous biography "Rockefeller", and I like to see the four great Chinese famous books "outlaws of the Marsh", "journey to the west" and so on I've been a women's salon for 22 years, and at most I have three branches that Manage the shape and appearance of women, so in the eyes of customers, I am a positive and optimistic person in front of Students and disciplines, and I am a multi-skill person. The loving teacher, when I saw the customer's satisfied and Grateful eyes and said thank you, I was especially pleased. I also prefer to see my students operate independently or Succeed in starting a business, and be very proud of their efforts and achievements. Because of the situation, last Year, I closed the salon hall, I retired from the previous unit 12, now I devote myself to enjoying life, to realize the Wish that I did not have time to realize before, but I hope to meet the soul mate for the rest of my life, is it you, haha I like Music, there are two songs that represent my mood at the moment, they are "you inspire me" and "you know I am waiting for You". We meet together to enjoy life, reading, food, music Sports, cars, steps to feel, fields, Seashore, mountains, rivers, lakes, We walk around the sea, hug, kiss, Together, Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset of the sea, to feel the waves, the waves, we look at each other and laud, how Wonderful ah, please stretch out your powerful and warm hands, I feel happy and warm hands, all happiness has just Began, Are you ready? If you are interested in my resume and photos, I hope to write down your valuable message, maybe we will have a miraculous Fair tale!
37 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 57



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